2020-2021 SOCS Undergraduate Student Awards

Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Written by Crestena Khidhir; Nidhi Nidhi

2020-2021 SOCS Undergraduate Student Awards

Each year, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) celebrates the outstanding achievements of its students with awards that recognize academic accomplishments, community engagement, leadership, innovation, and volunteerism. Many of these awards are made possible by alumni and friends of CEPS, its departments and schools, and the University of Guelph.

The School of Computer Science is proud to highlight the following Bachelor of Computing award winners from our Computer Science and Software Engineering programs! 

We are delighted to honour the incredible achievements of these students and look forward to supporting their continued success at the University of Guelph and after graduation. Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Awards

Dean’s Scholarships

Simrandeep Bajwa  (Computer Science-Business-Co-op)
Nigel Davis  (Computer Science -Co-op)
Daniel Denton  (Computer Science-Co-op)
Michael Dombrovsky  (Software Engineering-Math-Co-op)
Feerass Ellid  (Computer Science)
Samuel Guilbeault  (Software Engineering-Co-op)
Shawn Kaplan  (Software Engineering)
Evan Killoran  (Software Engineering-Co-op)
Zachary Lee  (Computer Science-Communication and Media Studies-Co-op)
Ahmed Mahmoud  (Software Engineering -Co-op)
Hyrum Nantais  (Software Engineering-Co-op)
Tony Trinh  (Computer Science-Statistics-Co-op)
Austin Van Braeckel  (Software Engineering -Mathematics-Co-op)

Emmanuel & Kalliope Salamalekis Scholarship
Maddie Gabriel - Software Engineering (Co-op) 

School of Computer Science In-Course Awards

Adknown Inc. Scholarship

Julia Hohenadel- Software Engineering 

Mitchell Van Braeckel- Software Engineering 

Dr James Linders Scholarship

Aysu Gündoğan - Computer Science -Molecular Biology and Genetics (Co-op)
Ahmed Mahmoud - Software Engineering (Co-op)

Dr Mary McLeish Scholarship

Nigel Davis- Computer Science (Co-op)
Evan Killoran - Software Engineering (Co-op)

Dr Ted Swart Scholarship

Michael Dombrovsky- Software Engineering-Mathematics (Co-op)
Zachary Lee - Computer Science -Communication and Media Studies (Co-op)

Sandbox Software Solutions Scholarship in Computing Sciences

Aysu Gündoğan- Computer Science-Molecular Biology and Genetics (Co-op)

To view the original College News article along with the full CEPS list of winners click here.

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