7 summer jobs in SoCS: Apply through Experience Guelph by Feb 27!

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Poster with Reynolds building background advertising 7 summer jobs in SoCS. Apply by Feb 27th.
Apply by February 27, 2023 to work with a SoCS professor this summer on cutting edge computing research!

Applications are now open through Experience Guelph for 7 summer undergraduate research assistanceships (URAs) and NSERC undergraduate student research assistanceships (USRAs) in the School of Computer Science.

Ever wonder what your profs or TAs do during the summer when they're not teaching you? They are hard at work on cutting edge research in computer science! Did you know many of your profs are award-winning researchers as well as being fantastic instructors?? Consider working with a prof this summer to learn more about university-based research and scholarship!

Applications are due by February 27, 2023.

Employment dates are May 1 through August 18, 2023.

Position details and application procedures can be found on the Experience Guelph websitehttp://experienceguelph.ca.

The following positions are available:

110558 - URA: Improving international student experience in the School of Computer Science https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=110558

110578 - URA: Bayesian Modelling of Seafood Fraud in the Canadian Supply Chain https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=110578

110589 - URA: Machine Learning Advisors for Electronic Design Automation  https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=110589

110593 - URA: The Globalizing K-pop Project: Designing Multi-Lingual Communication Interfaces https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=110593

110599 - URA: LINCS Computer Science Research Assistant   https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=110599

111706 - USRA: Building an online dashboard for influenza modeling  https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=111706

111720 - USRA: Object counting and its applications in precision agriculture   https://experienceguelph.ca/postings.htm?pId=111720


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