Computer Science MSc Students Awarded Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Vector Scholar Wanrong Sun

Arslan Kazmi and Wanrong Sun, current MSc students in the School of Computer Science, are among the 66 across Ontario awarded the Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI). This prestigious scholarship was presented to Arslan and Wanrong for their outstanding academic achievement while pursuing studies in a recognized AI-related master’s program. 

The new scholarship introduced by the Vector Institute is part of a new initiative that aims to cultivate and support Ontario’s role in AI innovation and productivity. A significant part of this initiative involves attracting and retaining the top-talent in the field of AI.

Vector Scholars Wanrong Sun and Arslan Kazmi are currently working with their respective MSc supervisors on research projects cultivating their expertise in AI.

Wanrong is currently working with her supervisor, Dr. Yang Xiang, on projects involving the next generation of probabilistic graphical models that enhance the widely applied Bayesian networks, with the focus on subclasses that enable tractable inference and on machine learning of such graphical models from data. According to Wanrong, “AI has huge potential in many domains, and it will reshape human life in many ways. I want to learn the fundamentals in this field, and make my own contribution in AI research and practice.”

Arslan is currently working with his supervisor, Dr. Pascal Matsakis, on projects involving the application of machine learning to the optimization of traditional computer graphics modelling techniques. According to Arslan, “work in this field will have a direct and profound impact on our economic growth and productivity, and I wish to be at the forefront of this growth.”

Congratulations to Vector Scholars Arslan and Wanrong!

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