MSc Thesis Defence: Eddie Cheung

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Written by Dan Gillis

The School of Computer Science is happy to announce that Eddie Cheung will be presenting his MSc Thesis Defence on Thursday May 22, at 1:30pm in Reynolds 219.


Equine Gait Data Analysis using Signal Transforms as a Preprocessor to Back Propagation Networks


This thesis looks upon using Artificial Neural Networks in the analysis of equine gait data. Artificial Neural Networks are powerful classifiers capable of classifying non-linear data sets, but are not usually built to handle time series data. By using signal transforms as a pre-processor, the Artificial Neural Networks is then able to overcome this hurdle. It was then able to analyze and classify different characteristics in the gait data quite accurately and effectively. Several methods proved to be more effective than others.

Advisor: David Calvert


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