Reynolds Building Renovation Update - April 2018

Posted on Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Written by Shelby Tom

Pictures of the Reynolds Building

The Reynolds building renovation is in the finishing stages. Currently, they are doing all the finishing work, including putting up drywall and painting. They are still working on some of the infrastructure, mostly the building’s heating and cooling systems.

Decisions were made to undertake work that was not originally planned for the project, and as a result the full interior of the building has been refreshed, only excluding the floor structure, most of the exterior and the penthouse. The renovation includes all the interior finishes (walls, flooring, ceiling, etc), windows, heating/cooling systems and more.

The building was designed in such a way so as to create a more open building with much better lighting, both natural and artificial. On the whole, the ceilings are much higher and the whole building is much more open (some glass walls, fewer central rooms, more natural light). The building does retain private space for offices and meeting rooms though.

It seems quite likely at this point that renovations will be complete to the point where the department should move back in during mid-summer.

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