School of Computer Science PhD Alumnus Invited to Join Forbes Technology Council

Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Dr. Jason Ernst, CTO & Co-founder of RightMesh

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Ernst, a University of Guelph PhD Alumnus, for being accepted into the Forbes Technology Council! The Forbes Technology Council is a prestigious organization that invites exceptional, senior-level technology executives to join this community based on measures of success, diversity of experience and impact on the business world.

Dr. Ernst is the current CTO and Co-founder of RightMesh, a company that specializes in mobile mesh networking. RightMesh works to bring connectivity to remote communities around the world, significantly improving the lives of the people in these communities.

Dr. Ernst is also involved in an initiative called the ACM FCA, that aims to support the next generation of computer professionals and create awareness and influence on important issues in computing such as net neutrality and internet privacy, such as the negative impacts of computer science work.

As an accepted member of the Forbes Technology Council, Dr. Ernst can reach a more diverse audience while disseminating and initiating debate on computer science issues to key decision makers in tech companies around the world. According to Dr. Ernst, “It's been quite humbling to be included in the company of other tech leaders from around the world. I am excited to be able to use the Forbes publishing platform to continue to provide though leadership in the area of network connectivity, net neutrality and de-centralization. More generally, I think this is also a big opportunity to communicate some of the biggest challenges facing computer science and computer science's impact on society to wider audience.”

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Ernst on his outstanding achievement!

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