SoCS Summer Jobs: 7 Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Applications are now open through the Experience Guelph website ( for 7 summer undergraduate research assistantships (URAs) in the School of Computer Science.

Ever wonder what your profs or TAs do during the summer when they're not teaching you? They are hard at work on cutting edge research in computer science! Did you know many of your profs are award-winning researchers as well as being fantastic instructors?? Consider working with a prof this summer to learn more about university-based research and scholarship!

Applications are due by February 29, 2024.

Employment dates are typically May 6 through August 23, 2024. Start/end dates may vary depending on the position; check job posting.

The School of Computer Science strives to create a welcome and inclusive work environment. We welcome applications from all students with a background or interest in computing and technology research.

Position details and application procedures can be found on the Experience Guelph website:

Positions are restricted to University of Guelph students.

The following positions are available:

121869-URA: Investigating artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools such as ChatGPT (supervisor: Dr. Ritu Chaturvedi)

121872-URA: Mining Association Rules for Environmental DNA Spatiotemporal Sampling (supervisor: Dr. Dan Gillis)

121875-URA: Integrating AI into the FPGA Design Flow (supervisor: Dr. Gary Grewal)

121878-URA: Educational Communication Systems (supervisor: Dr. Stefan Kremer)

121879-URA: Understanding human colour perception to create accessible mobile interfaces (supervisor: Dr. Denis Nikitenko)

121881-USRA: Using Machine Learning to Analyze Social Support within Global Fandoms on Social Media (supervisor: Dr. Stacey Scott)

121882-USRA: Feature Selection on Whole-genome Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Data (supervisor: Dr. Yan Yan)

Please see the individual job postings on the website for more details on the position, salary, job dates, and eligibility requirements.

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