Ali Dehghantanha

Ali Dehghantanha
Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier 2 and MCTI Director
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150 Research Lane (Research Park), Suite 120, Office C

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My research is focused on cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence and digital forensics. I recently received a position at Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence along with EU Marie-Curie Fellow Alumni position in digital forensics. I have done various studies on Machine Learning-based systems for attack identification and analysis in the internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). For anyone who is interested in my area of research, am constantly looking for students to fill PhD positions. 

At the graduate level, I teach the following courses:

CIS*6530: Cyber Threat Intelligence and Adversarial Risk Analysis

CIS*6580: Security Monitoring and Cyber Threat Hunting