Andrew Hamilton-Wright

Andrew Hamilton-Wright
Associate Professor
Phone number: 
Reynolds 2223

I use machine learning techniques in decision exploration systems. I am particularly interested in using rule-based association mining techniques to allow visual exploration of risk and certainty in decision making systems. Application areas are varied, but much of my work has been biophysical: electromyographic (EMG) based muscular disease characterization, EMG and postural fatigue and pain prediction, and EMG and force based characterization of sleep apnea. By combining rule based systems with statistical certainty, models of decision confidence can be created to allow contingent decision planning and exploration. I am primarily interested in exploring and visualizing these sorts of data domains. In addition, I have an interest in physiological models, such as my EMG simulator, for use in providing gold standard data for validation of EMG based techniques.

  • decision support
  • association mining
  • machine learning
  • disease characterization
  • decision confidence
  • visualization
  • high-risk decision making
  • decision exploration
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