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Pascal Matsakis™ research focuses on the design of relative position descriptors and the modelling of spatial relationships between regions in 2-D and 3-D images. These descriptors and relationships are being investigated in many disciplines (e.g., artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics, geography) and find applications in various domains (e.g., human-robot communication, geographic information systems, medical imaging, scene description).

  • spatial relation
  • relative position
  • visual descriptor
  • image analysis
  • computer graphics
  • pattern recognition
  • fuzzy set theory
  • computer vision
  • artificial intelligence
  • P. Matsakis, M. Naeem, "Fuzzy Models of Topological Relationships Based on the Φ-Descriptor", FUZZ'IEEE 2016 (accepted)
  • P. Matsakis, M. Naeem, F. Rahbarnia, "Introducing the Φ-Descriptor: A Most Versatile Relative Position Descriptor", ICPRAM 2015
  • J. Reed, M. Naeem, P. Matsakis, “A First Algorithm to Calculate Force Histograms in the Case of 3D Vector Objects”, ICPRAM 2014 (Best Paper Award)