Stacey Scott

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Reynolds 3308

Interactions with digital information and media are part of everyday life in today’s modern digital information society. My research focuses on the design of novel interface and interaction technologies, and whole interactive systems, especially for emerging technologies. Past projects have involved the design of interactive large displays, such as digital tabletops and walls, and multi-display environment, that support small group interactions with digital media. Newer projects have focused on user-centred design of emerging technologies in the agricultural field, especially those used in the livestock farming industry. "Users" in this context may be human or animal users. My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the design of emerging technology, bringing relevant knowledge and methods for the specific research context that can best inspire user-centric technology innovation. 

Potential students and research staff work in my research group must have strong interest and background in psychology, sociology, and/or animal welfare and behaviour, as well as strong technical skills and knowledge.

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Interaction design
  • User-centred design
  • Precision livestock farming
  • Animal-computer interaction
  • Interdisciplinary sociotechnical system design