Yang Xiang

Yang Xiang Profile Picture
Professor Emeritus

My research focuses on representation and inference formalism based on probabilistic and decision theoretical graphical models, such as Bayesian networks, decomposable Markov networks, influence diagrams, Markov decision processes, causal independence models, and multiply sectioned Bayesian networks.  I study issues on representation, on acquisition by machine learning or elicitation, on effective inference mechanisms, and on multiagent systems. I develop prototype decision support systems for various applications.

  • Knowledge representation in multiagent graphical models
  • Uncertain knowledge representation
  • Probabilistic inference in multiagent graphical models
  • Probabilistic inference in Bayesian networks
  • Multiagent constraint satisfaction
  • Multiagent collaborative decision making
  • Causal modeling in uncertain knowledge acquisition
  • Privacy in multiagent systems
  • Causal independent models
  • Bayesian networks
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