Poster Guidelines

Resources you may need in designing your 41X poster.


CorelDRAW font sizes - *image below is not to scale, but full printed example available if needed.

CorelDRAW font sizes


If using the University of Guelph's Colour Palette, please stick to using the specific colours outlined in the Brand Guide page.

U of G colour palette

Logo Do's and Don'ts

To ensure that the University of Guelph Brand Guidelines are followed, 41X Poster Templates have been created for you with the proper logo size and placement. Please leave the logo of your poster where it is placed, and do not alter. See below for additional information regarding the University's logo, or visit the University of Guelph's Brand Guide Logos page.

Logo Do's and Don'ts

Logo imaginary border


Poster Date Placement

Please leave the date (semster and year) in the location we have chosen, in the top right corner. We have already updated the date to match the current year, so there is no need to change it.

Poster Date Placement


Exporting for Print

Before exporting your poster for printing, select the Program Icons box and delete the entire area. Do this by dragging a box around it and pressing Delete. Also, delete the Lab Fund logo if not needed, and the yellow arrow.

Exporting for print

Lab Fund instructions

When ready to export for printing, choose File>Publish to PDF and save.

publish to pdf



Laminating your 41X Poster is completely optional. It does however, protect your poster against fading/tearing/stains, and intensifies the colours and contrast.

The University of Guelph does not cover costs for lamination.