Graduate Students Advised

Jennifer Drake - PhD Completed - 2013

Thesis - Performance and operation of partial-inflitration permeable pavement systems in the Ontario climate


Peter Dekker - MSc Completed - 2012

Thesis - Evaluating the potential for low impact development to mitigate impacts of urbanization on groundwater dependent ecosystems using MIKE SHE


Andy Beaton - MSc Completed - 2012

Thesis - Conducting an environmental flow assessment for Lovers Creek subwatershed


Hailey Ashworth - MSc Completed - 2012

Thesis - Groundwater-surfacewater interactions and thermal regime in clythe creek, Guelph, Ontario: Threat and opportunities for restoration


Mark Randall - MSc Completed - 2011

Thesis - Bioretention Gardens for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from urban runoff


Ashraf Al Zaghal - PhD Completed - 2010

Thesis - Ecological streamflows with geomorphic functions


Chris John Denich  - MSc Completed - 2009 

Thesis - Assessing the performance of bioretention under cold climate Conditions


Jennifer Drake - MSc Completed - 2009 

Thesis - Identifying and Evaluating Groundwater discharge within surface water systems through temperature measurements


Gregory Norton - MSc Completed - 2005 

Thesis - Stream temperature modeling to evaluate potential management practices along the speed river, southern Ontario


Rabeya Noor - MSc Completed - 2005

Thesis - Quantifying the streamflow regime of Hanlon Creek, Ontario to develop streamflow management targets


Stephen Auger - MSc Completed - 2003 

Thesis - Application of a genetic algorithm to the minimum cost design of a stormwater system