Current Grad Students

Soil Remediation

  • Aseel Dawrea (Ph.D. Candidate): Detecting NAPL using GPR
  • Mohammad Khodabakhshi (As of Sept 1, 2018 - Ph.D. Student): 3D Bioventing Model

Wastewater Treatment

  • Joseph Oppedisano (M.A.Sc.): Treatment of Fruit Wastewater
  • Jamal Uddin (M.A.Sc.): Fouling Tendencies in using MBR for Fruit Wastewater
  • Tong Chu (M.A.Sc.): Life Cycle Analysis on the Treatment of Fruit Wastewater

M.Eng. Students 

  • Khyati M Desai
  • Ahsan A. Saleem
  • Adam Till