Professional and Career Development Record (PCDR) Recognition for the Student Work Placement Program


An off-campus paid work position can qualify for official recognition on the U of G Professional and Career Development Record if it meets all the following criteria: 

  • Position is funded by a Student Work Placement Program partner 
  • Position is connected in a meaningful way to the student’s academic program and/or professional aspirations 
  • Position comprises a minimum of 350 hours over 16 weeks 
  • Student and supervisor complete a mid-experience check-in with an assigned U of G Career Advisor 
  • Student completes a Final Student Reflection (FSR) at the end of the experience
  • Supervisor completes a Work Performance Evaluation (WPE) at the end of the experience

Risk Management 

As these positions are sourced independently by students, it is up to the student to understand the risks associated with their employment opportunity. The U of G strongly advises students make themselves aware of occupational risks associated with the position including: 

  • Handling hazardous and/or biological materials 
  • Working with live animals
  • Working with public, especially if chances for significant conflict are expected
  • Required travel
  • Operation of heavy or dangerous machinery
  • Requirements for physical exertion such as lifting or carrying

Students can reach out to the Experiential Learning (EL) Hub ( with questions about what to ask or look for when it comes to risk management in the workplace.

By participating in this program, employers acknowledge that the student is their employee and is covered under their workplace insurance policy.

Intake Process 

  1. Student sources their position directly from an employer. 
  2. Student completes the SWPP PCDR Recognition Intake Form. Information required includes: 
    • Student ID
    • Student first and last name
    • Student e-mail address
    • Name of employer (e.g., company name)
    • Name of position
    • Description of the roles and responsibilities of the position
    • Supervisor first and last name
    • Supervisor e-mail address
    • Supervisor phone number
    • Position start and end dates
    • Position location
    • Approximate number of hours that will be completed over the contract period
    • Upload any required document to be signed by U of G to confirm SWPP participation
    • Confirmation of understanding about required check-in and submission of FSR
    • Confirmation of conversation with supervisor and acknowledgement that notification will be sent to the supervisor of the results 
  3. Intake Form deadlines:
    • Summer 2023: Friday, July 28, 2023
    • Fall 2023: Friday, November 24, 2023
    • Winter 2024: Friday, March 29, 2024
  4. EL Hub reviews the SWPP PCDR Recognition Intake Form, responding within 10 business days. 
    • If approved, an e-mail will be sent to both student and supervisor with the signed SWPP document, and a program package attached. Program package includes:

      • Welcome letter with EL Hub contact information
      • Confirmation the student is affiliated with the University of Guelph
      • Dates for check-in meeting and submission deadline for the FSR and WPE.
      • Templates for the FSR and WPE. 
    • If declined, an e-mail will be sent to both student and supervisor with rationale behind the decline. An opportunity would normally only be declined if one or more of the recognition criteria are not met. 

During the Experience 

Once a SWPP position has been approved for PCDR recognition, the student engages in the activity. 

  • Student completes job responsibilities as outlined on the job posting. 
  • Student and supervisor complete a check-in with a U of G Career Advisor
  • Student completes the Final Experience Reflection at end of experience 
  • Supervisor completes the Work Performance Evaluation at end of the experience 

After the Experience 

The EL Hub will approve SWPP positions for PCDR recognition within four weeks of the submission of all required components.

Experience Profiles

  • Madison is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph. During her time here, she engaged in experiential learning as a way to solidify her future career choice and develop her professional skills. Madison signed up for course-integrated experiential learning and did a practicum placement.