Cheesemaker Master Class - Latin American Cheeses - Feb. 20-21

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FS 128

Department of Food Science

Soft cheese on black wooden board


Join our 2-Day Master Class and dive into the world of authentic Latin American cheeses!


Why Latin American Cheeses?

With the Latin American community flourishing in the US and Canada, the flavors of Latin American cheeses are taking center stage in grocery stores across America. Embrace the rich cultural tapestry and bring the taste of tradition to your cheese creations.


What to Expect:

Explore the secrets of Fresh Cheese, Lactic Acid, Pasta Filata, and Frying Cheese with our hands-on master class. Led by industry experts, this immersive experience will guide you through the manufacturing process of these diverse and delectable cheeses.


Global Insights:

Delve into discussions on popular Latin American cheeses, comparing them with equivalents from different countries. Understand the expected sensorial profiles and discover unique uses for each variety.


Hands-On Learning:

Experience the magic in our pilot plant as you learn the art of cheese making from start to finish. Gain practical skills and insider knowledge on caring for these high pH, fresh cheeses throughout the entire production cycle—from manufacturing and ripening to storage.


Food Safety First:

Overcome the challenge of creating safe, delicious cheeses with our expert guidance. Learn techniques that ensure your creations not only meet food safety standards but also appeal to discerning palates.


Why Choose Our Master Class?

  • In-depth knowledge from industry experts
  • Hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art pilot plant
  • Explore and create diverse Latin American cheese varieties
  • Gain insights into global cheese preferences and uses
  • Ensure food safety while preserving traditional flavors

Don't miss the opportunity to become a master in Latin American cheesemaking.

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