Two PhD Positions

Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Two Ph.D. Graduate Positions Available at Department of Food Science in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Characterization and enhanced release of bioactives in pulse/grain processing by-products for greater bioavailability and health benefits

Consumption of pulses and whole grains favorably affects risk factors for metabolic syndrome, thus reduces incidents of diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases and certain cancers. Many of these seeds are processed, producing large amounts of wastes or by-products with no or low value. Yet these processing by-products are the richest source of bioactives especially dietary fibres and different forms of phenolics that are key health attributes of foods. Bound phenolics associated with insoluble fibres are particularly important and their roles in modulating immune and inflammatory responses and in gut health have drawn great attention. Meanwhile, solid state fermentation with food-grade microbes and enzyme treatments increases the release of bound phenolics thus enhances antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects. This project will systematically examine the bioactives e.g. phenolics of raw and food microbe/enzymetreated brans/hulls of pulses and cereal seeds, to assess bioaccessibility, bioavailability and health attributes using in vitro, cell-line and animal models, and to understand the interactions and molecular mechanisms behind the activities using metabolomics and nutrigenomics approaches. This project has 3 years of funding to support two PhD students. Applicants should have experiences in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology and interest in multidisciplinary research, including food chemistry and human nutrition. This research will be conducted at the Department of Food Science, University of Guelph and the Guelph Research & Development Centre, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

Start Date: September 2019

If you are interested, please contact:

Yoshinori MINE, Ph.D.


Professor, Department of Food Science University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada 
Phone: +1-519-824-4120 x52901

Rong Cao (Rong Tsao), PhD


Chemistry & Biochemistry of Phytochemical Antioxidants
Guelph Research and Development Centre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
93 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario N1G 5C9
Telephone: 226-217-8108

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