Fall 2017 Comparative Physiology Seminar Series

The Seminar Series in Comparative Physiology presents current research on fundamental and applied aspects of animal physiology. Our weekly seminars feature one or two speakers who are primarily graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology or visiting early-career scientists from a local university.

We meet Friday's in SSC 3317 from 1:30-2:20 pm. All are welcome.

Full Schedule

Sept 22 - Nick Bernier

Tips for a successful scholarship application

Sept 29 - Sean Avey

How the expression of green fluorescent protein and human cardiac actin in the heart influences cardiac function and aerobic performance in zebrafish

October 6 - Michael Livingston

Widespread use of ammonia volatilization during air exposure suggests that amphibiousness is an ancestral killfisish trait

October 13 - Jim Ballantyne

How important is nitrogen scavenging by sharks?

October 20 - Sarah Schorno

Emptying and refilling of hagfish slime glands: Insights from slime exudate composition and histology

October 27 - Louise Tunnah

Do prior diel thermal cycles influence the physiological response of Atlantic salmon to subsequent heat stress?

November 3 - Pria Mahabir

Identifying the neural basis of female receptivity within and between Drosophila species

November 10 - Louise Milligan

Leadership Workshop

November 17 - Koley Freeman

Carry-over effects of early-life food availability on stress physiology and survival: A supplementation experiment in a winter breediing passerine

November 23 - Pat Wright

Peer review workshop