Fall 2018 Comparative Physiology Seminar Series

The Seminar Series in Comparative Physiology presents current research on fundamental and applied aspects of animal physiology. Our weekly seminars feature one or two speakers who are primarily graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology or visiting early-career scientists from a local university.

We meet Thursday's in SSC 2315 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. All are welcome.

Full Schedule

Sept 20 - Nick Bernier

Tips for a successful graduate scholarship application

Sept 27 - Nick Schuh and Louise Tunnah

Nick Schuh - Splendidus clade Vibrio s are opportunistic pathogens of purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) larvae.

Louise Tunnah - Mangrove fishes rely on emersion behavior and physiological tolerance to persist in sulfidic environments.

October 4 - Giulia Rossi and Sheridan Baker

Giulia Rossi - Surviving environmental extremes: the strategy of an amphibious mangrove fish

Sheridan Baker - The role of prostaglandin receptors in zebrafish ovulation

October 11 - Catherine Ivy McMaster and Cayleih Robertson McMaster

Catherine Ivy McMaster - Haemoglobin adaptations to high altitude alter breathing pattern in deer mice

Cayleih Robertson McMaster - Developmental and Maternal adaptations to high altitude

October 18 - Paige Cochrane and Elizabeth Johnston

Paige Cochrane - Hydrogen sulphide toxicity and the importance of amphibious behaviour in a mangrove fish inhabiting sulphide-rich habitats

Elizabeth Johnston - The influence of cellular stretch on extracellular remodeling in cultured trout cardiac fibroblasts

October 25 - Caleb Axelrod and Brett Culbert

Caleb Axelrod - Intraspecific brain size variation in sunfish ecotypes

Brett Culbert - Physiology of social ascension in a group-living cichlid fish

November 1 -Vern Lewis and Breanna Hall

Vern Lewis - TBD

Breanna Hall - TBD

November 8 - Pat Wright

How to do effective peer review 

November 15 - Cezar Khursigara and Sean Avey

Cezar Khursigara - Advanced techniques in microscopy

Sean Avey - Establishing a molecular response to dilbit in the skeletal muscle of juvenile Atlantic salmon