Fall 2019 Comparative Physiology Seminar Series

The Seminar Series in Comparative Physiology presents current research on fundamental and applied aspects of animal physiology. Our weekly seminars feature one or two speakers who are primarily graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology or visiting early-career scientists from a local university.

We meet Monday's in SSC 3317 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. All are welcome.

Full Schedule

September 30 - Dr. Nick Bernier

Can scale cortisol content be used as a bio-indicator of chronic stress in fish?

October 7 - Dr. Georgina Cox

No oxygen? No problem! Cardiac function in anoxic hagfish.

October 14 - Break for Thanksgiving

October 21 - Hayley Wilson

Effects of Early, Elevated Prenatal Testosterone on the HPA Axis and Hormone Responsiveness in Mice

October 28 - Sheridan Baker

The role of prostaglandin receptor EP4b in zebrafish ovulation

November 4- Giulia Rossi

Frogs seek hypoxic microhabitats to accentuate metabolic depression during dormancy

November 11 - Jordan Roszell

UV-C as a potential pre-treatment option against microalge

November 18 - Dr. Andy Turko

Conservation physiology of endangered Canadian stream fishes

November 25 - Hannah Reynolds - *In SSC 1511

Fishing for physiology in big data: A machine learning roadmap from transcriptome to physiology in the tilapia


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