Graduate Success Stories

Boyle, Elizabeth

M.Sc. 2012
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Adamowicz
Current Position: Aquatic Biologist, Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.

Galbraith, David

M.Sc. 1986, Ph.D 1991 (Queen's)
Advisor: Dr. Ron Brooks
Current Position: Head of Science, Royal Botanical Gardens

Reid, Kevin

Ph.D. 2016
Co-Advisors: Dr. Tom Nudds/Dr. McLaughlin
Current Position: Assessment Scientist, Ontario Commercial Fisheries' Association

Urquhart, John

M.Sc. 2009
Advisor: Dr. Jinzhong Fu
Current Position: Principal, Blazing Star Environmental

Weber, Stefan

M.Sc. 2011
Advisor: Dr. Christina Caruso
Current Position: Ecologist & Seed Lead, St. Williams Nursery & Ecology Centre 

From 'Practical workplace advice' by Anne Krook:

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