Undergraduate Student Opportunities


Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA) and Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Positions Open until February 15

Gain valuable research experience while working full-time on campus this summer. The Department of Integrative Biology has 14 unique URA and USRA positions awaiting applications from qualified students.

To view available positions:

  • Log into experienceguelph.ca using your UofG ID
  • Click “On Campus Employment” to access the campus job board.
  • Click “Undergraduate Research Assistantships / Awards (URA & USRA)” under Quick Searches to see the full list. You can sort the list by title, department, and type.

Searching for a specific position?

  • Click “On Campus Employment” to access the campus job board.
  • Enter the Job ID number in the “Search Postings” section.

To apply:

Many supervisors are reviewing applications and requesting interviews as applications come in. It is strongly encouraged to apply before the February 15 deadline.

URA positions available in Summer 2019

  • Natural Health Product (NHP) Research Alliance with Dr. Steven Newmaster - Job ID 66772
  • Genomic and bioinformatic analysis of benthic macroinvertebrates with Dr. Mehrdad Hajibabaei - Job IB 66768
  • Genetic diversity and hybridization with Dr. Elizabeth Mandeville - Job ID 66731
  • Diversity and temperature sensitivity of neotropical insects across an elevational gradient with Dr. Alex Smith- Job ID 66706
  • Positive selection in mitochondrial genome of the green odorous frog with Dr. Jinzhong Fu - Job ID 66640
  • Expression of glucocorticoid hormone-metabolizing enzymes as potential indicators of stress in wild fish with Dr. Fred Laberge - Job ID 66609

USRA positions available in Summer 2019

  • Ecosystem services and biodiversity on farms with Dr. Andrew MacDougall - Job ID 66813
  • The role of methylamines in protecting proteins from urea carbamylation in elasmobranchs with Dr. Jim Ballantyne - Job ID 66773
  • Adjustment in the timing of breeding of a migratory songbird in response to long-term changes in climate with Dr. Ryan Norris - Job ID 66822
  • Stream and lab field research with Dr. Kevin McCann - Job ID 66733
  • DNA content of animal cells with Dr. Ryan Gregory - Job ID 66729
  • Effects of Environmental Uncertainty on Brain Morphology and Behaviour with Dr. Rob McLaughlin - Job ID 66709
  • Field Research - Covariation of brain and behaviour in a polymorphic sunfish population with Dr. Beren Robinson - Job ID 66692
  • Stretch activation of cardiac remodeling in trout with Dr. Todd Gillis - Job ID 66736

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