Questions related to Agencies & Partners FAQ


How can I be a recruitment agent for the University?

The University of Guelph does not use recruitment agents for graduate program recruitment. For recruiting for Undergraduate Admissions (International) please follow the instructions on the  International Agents website.  

If you wish to inquire about recruiting for our English Language Programs, please review the information for Education Agencies

I have a delegation who would like to visit Guelph to see the facilities and discuss possible collaboration, whom should I contact?

 Guelph does not have a central office to organize visitors. The first step, however, is to have the organizer complete the Visiting International Delegation Request Form .  Be ready to demonstrate your goals and objectives for the visit and ensure the request is made at least six weeks in advance. If your visitors wish to have an unofficial visit and they do not require arrangements other than some time with you and your department, feel free to organize the visit yourself and contact the International Liaison Officer if you have any questions or problems.

We are looking to work with Guelph on a research project, how do we locate a researcher with the expertise we need?

 The best place to start is the Office of Research "people" page where you can find a variety of listings of research personnel.