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I have a contact at another University and they'd like to start a student exchange, what should I do next?

 All student exchange agreements are set up by the Centre for Internaitonal Programs according to a process approved by the University's Senate. Contact the Study Abroad Manager, Lisa Blenkinsop  or  call  519-824-4120 extension 56383 to get more information.

I have a delegation who would like to visit Guelph to see the facilities and discuss possible collaboration, whom should I contact?

 Guelph does not have a central office to organize visitors. The first step, however, is to have the organizer complete the Visiting International Delegation Request Form .  Be ready to demonstrate your goals and objectives for the visit and ensure the request is made at least six weeks in advance. If your visitors wish to have an unofficial visit and they do not require arrangements other than some time with you and your department, feel free to organize the visit yourself and contact the International Liaison Officer if you have any questions or problems.

I have a graduate student from another country who wants to come here to do research toward her thesis at home but not register in courses. Is that possible?

 Yes, but there are several things to consider:

  1.  Are you willing and able to supervise this person on top of other responsibilities you currently have. Remember they are coming a long way and spending a lot of money to visit, don't say yes lightly.
  2. For all kinds of reasons the visitor will need some sort of status at the University and not just come as a tourist. 
  3. Since this visitor will not be a registered student he/she will not have access to things like student residence, the bus pass, the athletic centre and other student benefits.
  4. The visitor must have comprehensive health insurance coverage and it's highly recommended that he/she be required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Contact HR or the International Student Advisor for details.


I want to take a group of students on an international field trip, what do I need to know?

First you'll need to clear the idea with your Department Chair and ensure there are sufficuent funds to support the trip. Next contact the Study Abroad Manager, Lisa Blenkinsop, to get info on emergency contact forms, registering your trip itinerary and other services provided by CIP.

The University has a Safe International Travel Policy you'll need to look at to determine if the location you are considering is appropriate. Also, consult the Global Affairs Canada (formally DFAIT) for travel information and advisories.

Note that all students travelling on a University of Guelph activity outside Canada will need to complete DepartSmart, our on-line predeparture orientation

I'm a University of Guelph faculty member and I'd like to know more about international research opportunities.

 The Office of Research's international research page is definitely your first stop.

I've been asked to participate in an international research project by a colleague at another University, what do I do next?

 Check out the Office of Research, international research page for details of procedures, policies and next steps. 

My graduate student wants to do research in a country that might be unsafe, how do I determine if he should go?

 The University of Guelph has a safe international travel policy which will tell you how we determine appropriate destinations for student travel. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Director of the Centre for International Programs, Lynne Mitchell.