International Student


I have a family member who is not a U of Guelph student but would also like to improve his or her language skills. Where can I find help?

The St. George's Centre in downtown Guelph provides free English-language programs for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, convention refugees, and refugee claimants. Temporary residents and visitors can also attend for a small fee. Use the St. George's Centre website link for more information.

University of Guelph: The Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support offers the English Language Certificate Program for individuals interested in entering the University of Guelph undergraduate or graduate programs to gain English Proficiency or improve their English Language skills. Visit, English Language Programs website for more details

I'm having trouble managing my workload and keeping up with all my schoolwork. Is there somewhere I can get help with time management and focus?

Use the Learning Services website link to book an appointment, attend a workshop, or find online modules and handouts.

How do I get help with English?

There are a number of services depending on the kind of help you need. Check out the English Language support for students page to get all the details.

How do I make a tuition payment?

You can get all the details for paying your tuition by visiting Student Financial Services.

How do international students apply for graduate school (Masters and PhD)?

The Graduate Studies Office provides information on how to apply to Guelph to become a graduate student (Masters or PhD). You must have completed a first degree (bachelors degree) before you can apply to be a graduate student.

I need a little help with my academic writing, what should I do?

 Visit Writing Resources & Workshops in the Library to book an appointment, attend a workshop, or find online referencing guides.

I want to be a Veterinarian, can I apply if I'm not Canadian?

 Yes, there are a certain number of spaces reserved for non-Canadian applicants to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program each year. Visit the OVC Recruitment website for more information.