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The Lang School Logo

Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics logoThe design of the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics reflects the interconnectivity of the School’s strengths and themes and our focus on developing collaborative leaders who work together to improve life.

The brand guidelines for the School, in regards to the fonts, colours, resource use and imagery are the same as the University brand guide.


How to correctly use the Lang School logo


The Lang Four-Square Icon

The 4 blocks represent the multiple years Lang students push the frontiers of knowledge, developing into business leaders who will change the world. They also signify the central themes of the Lang School; Sustainable Business, Active Learning, Research with Impact and Community Engagement. The squares are connected which signifies the harmony between each of the themes.


Research with Impact

We value a diverse array of scholarly pursuits, including discovery, integration, application, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Our impact is realized through the advancement of discipline-based theory, management practice, and public policy.

Active Learning

We value pedagogies that foster student engagement. We are committed to providing a supportive and challenging learning environment, in which students apply theory to real-world problems, work collaboratively with others, and have the opportunity to develop essential and transferable skills.


Our business graduates leave with the unquestionable belief that they have the ability to positively impact society, socially and economically. We believe that business can be a powerful tool to improve life in our communities, both locally and abroad. We are Champions of the United Nation’s PRME for responsible business education and are guided by its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Community Engagement

We value authentic and meaningful partnerships, recognize the importance of collaboration and community outreach, and appreciate the role of others in achieving our goals.