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How to use the Lang logo

The Lang School logo is the most important part of the school’s brand. It must appear on all collateral representing the School.

The main Lang logo is the preferred logo for the school. It is to be used for all print and digital marketing materials, for both internal and external audiences. The colours of the blocks should never be altered or changed in any way. To ensure the integrity and visual impact of the logo, it is important that the logo not be squished, elements separated or changed in size in relation to one another. When using the logo placement please follow the same rules as the Univesity of Guelph's logo on the brand guide.


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Logo usage on coloured backgrounds

When designing digital, print or apparel on coloured backgrounds, you may need to use an alternate version of the Lang logo with a thin white line around the four squares. The thin white line allows for the colours in the four-square icon to stand out on the coloured background.

black lang school logo
On black background
red lang school logo
On red background
black lang school logo
On blue background
red lang school logo
On yellow background


Download Lang School logos on our resource pages

Secondary logo

The secondary logo should only be used in places where the main logo can not be used. When designing print and digital materials, you may encounter the need to use an all-black or white version of the logo. In these cases, you would use the Lang wordmark by itself.
Please use these versions only for black and white only. The logo should never appear in other colours.

Three options are black, red, white:

Red (with black subfont)

For video/digital use, the logo has been animated as a wheel, the blocks (the 4 years of the school) moving together as one. This animated endmark should be used to complete digital marketing materials such as videos and digital signage. Please use this version only. 

Download Lang School logos on our resource pages