Registration Deadline: Chardonnay Seminar | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Registration Deadline: Chardonnay Seminar

Date and Time


The University of Guelph

Macdonald Stewart Hall Room 121


This seminar will explore the many styles of Chardonnay while we discuss how one grape varietal can taste drastically different from product to product. The topics will include oaked versus unoaked wines, hot and cold growing regions and why Chardonnay is grown in so many places across the world.

We will investigate why the ABC (anything-but-chardonnay) trend has become so popular when Chardonnay is considered, by sommeliers, one of the most noble grapes in the world.

Together, we will taste through famous regions such as Chablis and Napa to discover what the true identity of Chardonnay really is.

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