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Hong Li

Department of Economics and Finance

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Accepting graduate students fall 2022: Yes

Accepting graduate students fall 2023: Yes

I am a professor in the Department of Economics and Finance, Gordon S. Lang School of Business, University of Guelph, Canada and an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo, Canada. I am an associate editor of the Annals of Actuarial Science. The University of Guelph ranks the 1st in Canada and the 7th in North America on the list of Business School RMI & Actuarial Science Rankings (2018 - 2022) published by the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

I am a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and an Associate of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. Before joining Lang, I worked in the Warren Centre of Actuarial Studies and Research, University of Manitoba, Canada, and the School of Finance, Nankai University. My current research focuses on data analytics in the field of insurance. 


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Guide for potential graduate students:

What qualities are you looking for in a graduate student? 

The ones with a solid quantitative background. 

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  • PhD. Econometrics and Operations Research, Tilburg University, 2015 
  • Master of Economics, Tilburg University, 2012 
  • Bachelor of Arts, Finance, Xiamen University, 2010 

Other Qualifications:

  • Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, 2019 
  • Associate Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, 2018 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Insurance Economics 
  • Actuarial Science 
  • Demography 
  • Asset Pricing 
  1. Mitigating Wildfire Losses via Insurance-Linked Securities: Modeling and Risk Management Perspectives. Journal of Risk and Insurance. (with Jianxi Su) https://doi.org/10.1111/jori.12449
  2. Optimal Longevity Risk Transfer Under Asymmetric Information. Economic Modelling. (with An Chen and Mark Benedikt Schultzehttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.econmod.2022.106179
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  22. Coherent Forecasting of Mortality Rates: A Sparse Vector-Autoregression Approach.  ASTIN Bulletin - The Journal of the International Actuarial Association,  47(2), 563-600. (with Yang Lu)
  23. Robust Mean-Variance Hedging of Longevity Risk. Journal of Risk and Insurance , 84, 459– 475. (with Anja De Waegenaere and Bertrand Melenberg)
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  • FIN*4200 Risk Management in Finance and Insurance 
  • ECON*2770 Introductory Mathematical Economics 
  • FIN*6800 Selected Topics in Finance

Active Fundings:

  1. Climate change and property and casualty insurance: a risk management perspective. SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2022 - 2024 (69,623 CAD)
  2. On a Composite Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Insurance Losses due to Natural Catastrophes Project. The Canadian Institute of Actuaries, 2021 - 2022 (18,700 CAD). (with Jianxi Su)
  3. Interpretable Random Forests for Risk-informed Modeling in Healthcare Management. Society of Actuaries, 2021 Individual Grant (13,000 USD). (with Qifan Song and Jianxi Su)
  4. Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Wildfire Losses with Applications in Insurance-Linked Securities Pricing. Casualty Actuarial Society, 2021 (18,000 USD). (with Jianxi Su)
  5. Stochastic Mortality Modeling and Longevity Risk Management in Multiple-population Context. NSERC Discovery Grants --- Individual, 2020 - 2025 (127,500 CAD).

- University Research Award (2022 - 2023), University of Guelph

- The 2018 Bob Alting von Geusau Prize for the best paper published in ASTIN Bulletin with a Financial Risk or Enterprise Risk Management focus. 

Area of Research