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Tanya Barzotti

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Associate Professor, Marketing & Consumer Studies
Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies
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ext. 53687
Macdonald Institute (MINS), Room 202C

Professor Tanya Barzotti’s research interests are customer experience, customer management, and marketing strategy. She develops new segmentation models to investigate the impact of marketing activities on consumer behavior to improve marketing resource allocation decisions. She has conducted research across a variety of industries including retail, food, health and telecommunications.  Barzotti’s research was awarded William Davidson Best Article Award from the Journal of Retailing (2015) and Best Paper published in the Journal of Business to Business Marketing (2012).  She has presented her research at conferences across Canada, USA, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Spain.

  • Ph.D. Business Administration (Marketing), Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
  • B.A. Honors, Business Administration, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
  • Impact of marketing activities on consumption patterns 

  • Segmentation 

  • Customer management


Open to advising MSc students:  YES

Open to advising PhD students:  YES

Recent Projects

Dr. Tanya Barzotti is an associate professor in the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, specializing in customer experience, customer management, and marketing strategy. Her research focuses on developing segmentation models to analyze the impact of marketing activities on consumer behavior, aiming to enhance marketing resource allocation decisions across industries such as retail, food, health, and telecommunications. Additionally, she collaborates with local firms to explore how marketing can positively influence pro-social behaviors within a circular economy.  

In her 2023 paper, "How is Retargeting Related to Purchase Incidence, Channel Choice, and Purchase Quantity?" published in Marketing Letters, Dr. Barzotti examines how retargeting influences consumer purchasing behaviors across multiple channels. Her research models the buying decision process in three stages, revealing that retargeting increases the likelihood of making a purchase, particularly through web and telephone channels, while having no impact on the quantity spent.  

The study highlights that retargeting alone boosts web channel purchases, but when combined with email marketing, this positive effect diminishes. This suggests that retargeting ads, when paired with email campaigns, might be perceived as intrusive, potentially leading to adverse effects on buying behavior.  

Dr. Barzotti's research offers critical insights into the effectiveness of retargeting strategies, underscoring the importance of understanding how various marketing tactics interact. Her findings have significant implications for marketers aiming to optimize their multichannel marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and improve conversion rates. 


Mark, T., Dhar, T., Verhoef, P. C., & Lemon, K. N. (2023). How is retargeting related to purchase incidence, channel choice, and purchase quantity?. Marketing Letters, s11002-023-09693-4. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11002-023-09693-4

Undergraduate courses: 

  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Product Development 
  • Graduate courses: 
  • Marketing Theory
  • Mark, Tanya, Colette Southam, Jan Bulla, and Sergio Meza (2016) “Cross-Category Indulgence:  Why Do Some Premium Brands Grow During Recession”. Journal of Brand Management.
  • Goellner, Katharina, Tanya Mark, and Jennifer Alvarado, “Brand Community Duty: The Role of Duty in Brand Communities," (forthcoming), Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 
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