PSEER Presents a Panel on Inclusivity at This Year's TLI

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018

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Join us Wednesday, May 2nd at 8:30 am, for the PSEER panel discussion Beyond Tokenism: Exclusivity, Inclusivity and the Modern Classroom. The panel will be part of the 2018 Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference taking place in Rozanski Hall.


Following the theme of the conference, Diversity and Inclusive Approaches, the panel discussion will focus on "Beyond Tokenism: Exclusivity, Inclusivity and the Modern Classroom". We will discuss and explore exclusivity and its impact on learning, and provide examples of how we work to continuously build an inclusive educational environment--not by doing one thing in particular but through reflection, growth, and an openness to continually improve. 

The panel will be moderated by Dr Judi McCuaig, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science.

Panelists include:


Laura Gatto

Laura Gatto has worked at the University of Guelph for 20 years in the Division of Student Affairs and is currently a Co-op Coordinator for the School of Computer Science.  Throughout her academic and professional career, she has a passion for supporting marginalized groups in higher education. Laura was involved in running training programs to roll out the U of G Human Rights and Equity Policy and has sat on various committees on campus including the Women’s Campus Safety Initiative, Campus Wellness Committee and Alcohol Safety Committee and developed a program to support Crown Wards in higher education. She currently represents the Co-op Team on the Student Accessibility Committee, is the staff representative for Guelph Women in Computer Science and is developing programs and courses to support students with disabilities in experiential learning. Laura completed her research on the experiences of First Generation Students in their first year at University for her MSc and is currently working on an interdisciplinary PhD in Computational Sciences analyzing the gender wage gap in Higher Education and best practices for students with disabilities who participate in Work Integrated Learning.

Image of Thomas Sasso, PhD Candidate

Thomas Sasso

Thomas Sasso is a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Guelph, as well as a sessional instructor for the Departments of Management and Psychology. His research is dedicated to understanding and improving the experiences of marginalized populations, with particular emphasis on LGBTQ+ communities. He co-founded the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab with a focus placed on improving inclusive and accessible education and research. Thomas serves on the Board of HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health (ARCH) and co-chairs the annual Guelph Sexuality Conference.

Dr Jade Ferguson

Jade Ferguson is an Associate Professor in the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph. Her research and teaching interests include race, representation, and memory in Canadian and American literature. She is currently working on a book on literary and visual narratives of racial segregation and civil rights in Canada. 


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