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Dr. Stacey Scott, Dr. Andrew Hamilton-Wright, and Dr. Ritu Chaturvedi

Several SoCS Faculty Awarded PSEER Funding To Investigate Inclusivity In The Classroom

Three School of Computer Science faculty members have been awarded funding from PSEER to investigate inclusion barriers for underrepresented groups in computer science. Drs Stacey Scott, Andrew Hamilton-Wright, and Ritu Chaturvedi have been awarded $10,000 for their project.


Investigating inclusive curriculum and student support services in computer science 

Project Outline:

Dr Judi McCuaig, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science

Computer Science Prof Awarded PSEER, SoTL, and LEF Funding

Dr Judi McCuaig, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, was recently awarded PSEER, SoTL, and LEF funding to support her research program exploring immediate feedback and student learning. Dr McCuaig also received funding to cover the cost of registration for the Inquire Certificate program through Open Education. 

Research Program: The Immediate Feedback System (IFS)

PSEER Project:

Dr. Denis Nikitenko, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science

Immediate Feedback To Prevent Avoidable Structural Errors

Dr. Denis Nikitenko, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, has been awarded funding to cover registration fees to take part in Open Education's Inquire Certificate. As part of the program, he will be investigating immediate feedback for students. More information can be found below. 

Dr Michael Massa, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Physics Prof Awarded PSEER Funding to Integrate and Evaluate Computation in Physics Classrooms

Dr Michael Massa was recently awarded $10,000 from PSEER to investigate and evaluate the use of computational tasks to improve student learning in five core courses in the Physics undergraduate degree. Dr Massa also received funding to cover the cost of registration for the Inquire Certificate program through Open Education. 

Project Title: The Impact of Computational Tasks on Learning Physics

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