Animal Utilization Protocols

An Animal Utilization Protocol (AUP) is the formal application to use live animals in research, teaching or at public events. The AUP provides details about the specific research or teaching project, categorizes the invasiveness, explains justification of the use of animals, lists the staff involved in the project, and details the procedures to be performed on the animals. The Principal Investigator (PI), a faculty member by stipulation, is responsible for the AUP submission and all animal use under the AUP. Non-faculty members may be PIs on AUPs covering management of animal colonies or herds held by the University. For teaching AUPs, the PI may be the educational administrator or the course instructor, who may or may not be a faculty member.

All animal use must be covered on a current and approved AUP at all times. Approval extends only to those specific procedures, animal species, numbers of animals, and trained personnel identified on the AUP. An approved AUP must be in place before funding to acquire the animals is released, and before any animal work may commence.

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Steps for Principal Investigators to submit a new AUP online

If you are a PI seeking to use live animals in your research or educational project, please follow these steps:

  1. Register as the PI in the online AUP system by submitting a “Request to become a PI”.
  2. Complete and submit an AUP online. Please see the User Manual for Principal Investigators, Assignees and Departmental Chairs for step-by-step instructions on using the AUP system.
  3. Ensure that requested supplementary documents are attached to the AUP submission, e.g. the research grant proposal, relevant permits, and consent forms.
  4. Ensure that all individuals listed to perform procedures with animals have completed the compulsory online Core Modules in the Animal User Training Program.
  5. Refer to the AUP checklist to ensure that all fields have appropriately been completed.

Please note that until you, as the PI, have been informed of final AUP approval, you may not acquire animals for the project, nor may any member of the research team start working with animals under the parameters outlined in the AUP proposal.

Assistance for Principal Investigators in developing and submitting an AUP

A PI or Assignee (a person assigned by PI to manage the AUP submission on PI'd behalf), or any other member of the research team, may direct questions regarding the development, submission and review of AUPs to the following:

  • For administrative matters related to AUP development, submission and review, please contact Animal Care Services staff at
  • For technical issues related to the AUP submission, please email
  • For questions related to study design, animal procedures, category of invasiveness, anesthesia and analgesia, humane intervention points, and euthanasia, please contact the Designated Veterinarian on your AUP, or the Assistant Director of Animal Care Services (Dr. Anna Bolinder,
  • For requirements outlined in the Animal User Training Program for research team members, please email