Animal User Training Program

Individuals involved with the care and use of animals for research and teaching at the University of Guelph must have good knowledge of the provincial regulations governing experimental animal use, national standards pertaining to the use of animals in science in Canada, and our own institution’s policy on animal care. In addition, everyone must be familiar with ethical issues and animal welfare concerns associated with such use. Training requirements must be fulfilled before individuals are granted the privilege of working with, and caring for animals through their activities or employment with the University of Guelph. The purpose of the training is to foster a philosophy of compassion and respect for the animals and for all individuals to develop competency in handling and procedural practices. The Animal User Training Program follows the principles of the 3Rs, which teach the concepts to replace, reduce and refine animal use whenever possible.

The Program is set up to deliver resources, training and supervision to a wide range of personnel involved with animals at the University including Principal Investigators, research staff, student volunteers, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visitors, and undergraduate students taking part in research projects. The Program also incorporates animal care staff professionals, veterinarians and technicians, who provide regular clinical services and animal care. Required training will be determined from information on relevant Animal Utilization Protocols and based on the role of the trainee, animal species and procedures involved.

The Animal User Training Program complies with the Animals for Research Act of Ontario and is in accord with the Guidelines on Training of Personnel involved in the Use of Animals in Science (draft, to be published 2014) put forth by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

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