Compulsory Core Modules

The online Core Modules are mandatory for all personnel directly involved in the use or care of animals and are based on the syllabus recommended by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC). The modules cover legislation and animal welfare, ethical issues, 3Rs (Refinement/Reduction/Replacement), research issues, and occupational health and safety pertaining to animal-based work. Individuals working with live animals in any capacity must be knowledgeable in these areas and aware of considerations for ethical use of animals in science.  For more information on the importance of these topics, please visit the 3Rs Microsite.

The five Core Modules are available on Courselink and each module consists of online lecture material followed by a quiz. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass and the registrant is permitted three attempts for each quiz. Completion of the five modules is expected to take a couple of dedicated hours and can be done online at the convenience of the user.


Core modules are offered online continuously throughout the year in two-month cohorts. All five modules and quizzes must be completed within the same cohort.   

Link to registration on Eventlink.

If you are an individual external to the University of Guelph, i.e. you do not have a Central Login ID, please email to inquire about registration.