Get an Agreement or Award Notice Signed

Research Support Services arranges for documentation confirming research funds awarded to be signed on behalf of the University. (Contracts or agreements may also be required for research projects which don’t involve research funding.)

If you have received notice from the sponsor that your project has been approved, please send to the Research Services Office:

  1. The contract, agreement or award notice issued by the sponsor (preferably in Word format). If you or the sponsor would like the University to draft the agreement, please specify, or refer to the recommended grant agreement or contract agreement template and corresponding instructions;
  2. If not previously submitted,  a complete, signed OR-5 Form including supporting documentation i.e. proposal and any relevant e-mails, contact names etc.; and
  3. If you will receive research funding, include a budget breakdown to include indirect costs. You may wish to consult the Budget Tips for Researchers as well as any guidelines on eligible expenses provided by the sponsor.

Once the file is set up, you will be contacted by the staff member in Research Support Services who is assigned your file. If your research project involves funding, you will receive a research account.

Should you have any questions on the status of your file, or when you will receive your account, please contact the Research Services Office or Carolyn Osborn, Interim Director, Research Support Services.