Apply for Funding

Minimum Processing Times

As of June 1, 2011, internal deadlines for University approval will be mandatory.  Refer to the Campus News bulletin or the official memo for more details.

OR-5 Signature Approval

The OR-5 Research Proposal Approval Form must be completed for all research proposals before submission to research sponsors.

Major Agencies

Information regarding the deadlines and application processes for the major funding agencies.

Application Process

See how the application process progresses from start to finish.

Indirect Costs of Research

The direct costs of performing the research are usually well understood, but there are many other significant costs involved in research that are not immediately obvious, nor can they always be attributed to a specific research project.  Nonetheless they are real costs and are incurred by the University for all research activities. These additional, non project specific costs are known as, indirect costs.

University of Guelph Agreement Templates

Standard Research Agreement - The University of Guelph's Standard Research Agreement (formerly, Grant Agreement or Grant-in-Aid Agreement) may be used for research projects that follow the elements of a Research Grant.

Collaborative Research Agreement - The University of Guelph's Collaborative Research Agreement is used for sponsored research governed by terms that go beyond a Research Grant. 

Please see the research agreement templates and determine which template is the right fit for your research needs.

Canadian Common CV

The CCV is a web-based application that provides researchers with a single, common approach to gathering CV information required by a network of federal, provincial and not-for-profit research funding organizations.

All of the Tri-Councils (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) have migrated (or are in the process of migrating) their legacy CV systems to the new Canadian Common CV (CCV).