Full Cost of Research

As of May 1, 2024, U of G research proposals are subject to the Full Cost of Research Policy.

University of Guelph is a research-intensive institution, and it is important to recover, to the greatest extent possible, the full costs of research to ensure a continually thriving research enterprise.

Full cost of research = direct costs + indirect costs

Direct costs are the expenses directly associated with an individual research project or activity. Examples include student salaries, materials and supplies, equipment and travel that benefit the research.

Indirect costs (IDCs) may not be directly attributable to any one research project. They are real, significant, and necessary institutional costs incurred to realize the University’s research goals. Examples include facilities and maintenance, administrative processes, regulation and safety compliance.

In alignment with Canada’s other research-intensive institutions, the University of Guelph recovers, as much as possible, these indirect costs of research according to the Full Cost of Research Policy. Under this Policy, the University requires that research project budgets must include direct costs and indirect costs in accordance with stated Policy indirect cost recovery rates, exceptions and exemptions.

The following resources provide more details on the Full Cost of Research Policy and how to implement it. These are living documents and will be updated on an as-needed basis.

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