Suggested Proposal Format

1. Title Page

2. Summary

  • include for lengthy proposals

3. Statement of problem

  • include related research

4. Purpose and Significance

  • general, fairly broad statement of the goal of the project and its significance to the sponsor

5. Objectives

  • specific statements setting out the objectives

6. Procedures

  • describe how the objectives of the project will be reached;
  • include a time schedule;
  • emphasize any special facilities or equipment available within the Department, College or University;
  • describe how the project will be managed and periodically evaluated;
  • describe how the results will be disseminated.

7. Personnel

  • emphasize the competencies of personnel who will be assigned to the project and include curriculum vitae

8. Budget

  • budget realistically and carefully to carry out the research within the time schedule
  • see the Standard Budget Format