Suggested Budget Format

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1. Personnel Costs (including salaries and wages, vacation pay and benefits).

1.1 Faculty Members
1.2 Professional Support  (temporary)
1.3 Other Support (technical, clerical-established and temporary)
1.4 Benefits

Subtotal _________

2. Materials and Supplies

2.1 Office Supplies
2.2 Laboratory Supplies
2.3 Field Supplies
2.4 Audio Visual Services
2.5 Publication Charges

Subtotal _________

3. Travel, Accommodation & Living Expenses

Define mode and rate of transport and expected rates of accommodation
Subtotal _________

4. Consultant's Fees (outside University of Guelph)

Name, qualifications and daily rates
Subtotal _________

5. Other Costs

5.1 Equipment, Apparatus
5.2 Computer Charges (specify rate & computer type)
5.3 Rental
5.4 Subcontracts


6. Indirect Costs

The current indirect cost rate is available
from the Office of Research ___________


Total Budget___________