Guide to Which Forms you Need

  • Has this project already received REB approval based on the TCPS2 or equivalent from another institution?
    • If yes, please submit the main REB Application, filling out only Section A, B, C, D, N, and O. Fill out Sections L and M ONLY IF data is being stored at the University of Guelph.
    • Submit along with all documents which received approval at the other institution and a copy of the approval certificate.
  • Are you using the SONA system (Psychology or Marketing and Consumer Studies only) in any way including recruitment, pre-screening, mass testing, etc?
    • Please submit the main REB Application and Supplement I.
  • Is this a secondary use of data application?
    • If your project ONLY involves secondary use of data, please submit the main REB Application (Omit Sections F, H, J, K, L) and Supplement II.
    • If your project involves secondary use of data as well as other methodologies, simply submit Supplement II with the main REB Application.
  • Are you undertaking research with an identifiable community group or with participants from a different culture?
    • Please submit the main REB Application and Supplement III.
  • Are human biological materials being collected?
    • Please submit the main REB Application and Supplement IV.
  • Is this a clinical trial?
    • Please submit the main REB Application and Supplement V.
  • Is this course-based research?
    • Please submit the main REB Application and Supplement VI.

Application forms

  • REB Application - this is the main application form to be used for all submissions for research ethics approval. Supplements may or may not be required as well – please see guide above.


Amendment Form

Use the Amendment Form if you are altering an approved submission.

Annual Renewal Form

Use the Annual Renewal Form  if you wish to:

  • renew a submission for another year
  • close a submission.

Statement of Intent for Release of Funds Prior to Ethics Approval 

If your research involves human participants at any point, a valid REB number must be provided to Research Support Services prior to an account set-up. If it is not feasible to obtain REB clearance at this stage, but you must access funds, please submit the Statement of Intent for Release of Funds Prior to Ethics Approval.  NOTE: The Research Ethics Board (REB) is unable to review submissions that are not complete and will not provide approvals ‘in principle’.

Event Report

Use the Event Report form if something occurs during the course of your research project which should be communicated to the REB. The form provides guidance on the types of information which must be reported, but feel free to use this form to report an occurrence you feel is important. Check with the Director, Research Ethics if you're not sure about reporting.

REB Application Help Text

  • Help Text
  • The official working version of the REB application form is Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, applications submitted in other file formats cannot be accepted.
  • Users are able to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Word) through the Office 365 portal on their personal and home computers. This version of Microsoft Office is activated using a subscription license that is tied to your University of Guelph Office 365 account. This subscription license is provided to all users for no charge as long as they are affiliated with the University.
  • Detailed instructions on how to install Microsoft Office are provided by CCS.