Completion of a training tutorial is highly recommended for faculty, staff, and students undertaking research projects involving humans.

All students undertaking research involving humans are now required to undergo training and submit a certificate with the REB Application.

The CORE tutorial

The Panel on Research Ethics has created an online tutorial which provides an applied approach to the guidance provided in TCPS2. CORE is designed primarily for the use of researchers and REB members.Create a new account using your University email address and save a copy of the certificate you are issued.

Responding to Mental Health and Wellness Issues

Researchers - both student and faculty - may find themselves in a position of interacting with research participants who have become psychologically upset. The cause of the upset could be the topic of the research or a research-related task; in some cases, it could be unrelated to the research. In such cases, researchers may find it difficult to know how to proceed.

The following resources can provide you with some tools to navigate these situations. You may wish to share the following brochure with your research team members:

 Please review the options provided and decide if one or more of these options would provide helpful training for your research team.