Faculty and Librarian Nomination and Election Process

Faculty and Librarian Election Results

The University Secretariat will run a Fall 2019 by-election to fill remaining vacancies on Senate. By-election dates will be posted here once confirmed.


Faculty [Acclaimed]

  • College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
    • Lynda Ashbourne
    • Elena Choleris
    • Michele Preyde
  • Ontario Veterinary College
    • Alexa Bersenas
  • College of Biological Science
    • Mehrdad Hajibabaei
    • Andreas Heyland
  • College of Arts
    • Catherine Carstairs
    • Karen Wendling
  • College of Business and Economics
    • Trent Tucker

Faculty [Elected]

  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
    • Emily Chiang
    • Ryan Clemmer
    • Dan Gillis
    • Michele Oliver
    • Gary Umphrey
    • Julie Vale
  • Ontario Agricultural College
    • Nic Brunet
    • Richard Heck
    • Vern Osborne
    • Youbin Zheng (current Senator)

Librarian [Acclaimed]

  • Jenny Marvin

About Senate and Board of Governors

The University functions with a bicameral governance structure set out under the University of Guelph Act (1964), which defines the responsibilities of the Board of Governors and the Senate. Senate is responsible for academic programs, regulations, and policies, whereas the Board of Governors oversees the government, conduct, management and control of the University and its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs.

Nomination and Election Process

The Board of Governors "Faculty and Staff Electoral Procedures" and the Senate "Regulations Governing the Election of Faculty, Librarians and Staff to Senate" include provisions for representation of faculty and librarians on the Board and Senate. Elections are held annually during the Winter semester. Should an insufficient number of nominations be received during the Winter election period to fill the available faculty seats, a by-election is held at the beginning of the following Fall semester.