Non-Academic Misconduct

Receiving a Notice of Offence means that you have been charged with an alleged breach of the University of Guelph's Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct. Normally within seven (7) business days of receiving your Notice of Offence you will receive an email from either Student Judicial Services or Student Housing Services regarding the next steps in the process. 

  • Alleged breaches that occurred in housing will generally be handled by Student Housing Services. For information on that process, please contact the Residence Behaviour and Wellness Manager via  
  • Alleged breaches that occurred outside Student Housing Service's jurisdiction will be adjudicated by the University of Guelph's Judicial Committee

You will receive an email from Student Judicial Services indicating either that your case will be going to a hearing before the Judicial Committee or is eligible for a set fine. 

For more information on fines and how to enter a plea, visit the Offences that are set fine eligible page. 

If your case is not set fine eligible you must attend a Judicial Committee hearing or a hearing to receive the penalty for the breach. Student Judicial Services will first email you to tell you that your case will be going to a hearing. Student Judicial Services will then schedule the hearing and contact you with a Notice of Hearing, informing you of the details of your hearing. 


Additional Information