Procedure for Policy 1.6 Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct - Guidelines for Common Outcomes

The official version of this procedure is housed with the University Secretariat. In the event of a discrepancy, the official version will prevail. Click here for a printable version of this procedure.

Parent Policy: Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct
Approving Authority: Board of Governors        
Responsible Office: Vice-Provost (Student Affairs), University Secretary
Responsible Officer: Vice-Provost (Student Affairs), University Secretary
Original Approval Date:  January 22, 2020
Effective Date: January 22, 2020
Date of Most Recent Review:
Previous Reviews:

1. Background

1.1. The guidelines below provide a list of common penalties or outcomes for breaches of the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct. A common penalty is an outcome or penalty that is typically assessed or what is considered the standard for the offence. However, a variety of factors are considered when assessing the appropriate outcome in order to i) mitigate risk and attend the needs and security of the U of G community, ii) respond to impact(s) experienced by an individual or community and iii) encourage student learning and development following an occurrence of non- academic misconduct.

1.2. Typically, all breaches of the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct (including those which are set fine eligible) will be associated with a mandatory period of Non-Academic Probation for the present and next registered semester.  In addition, one or more outcomes/penalties listed below may be assigned. 

1.3. Penalties are normally progressive. In the case where a student has had previous offences or incidents of non-academic misconduct, the common penalties may not be applied. .

2. Common Penalties and Outcomes

2.1. Diversity

2.1.1. Fine and /or Conditional Fine (up to $500)

2.1.2. Community or Educational Program and/or Written Apology

2.1.3. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.2. Integrity 

2.2.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $500)

2.3. Drugs and drug paraphernalia     

2.3.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $120 (first offence), $240 (second offence)

2.4. Alcohol   

2.4.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $120

2.5. Smoking 

2.5.1. Fine $120

2.6. Information Technology     

2.6.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $100

2.6.2. Restricted Computing Privileges

2.7. Permits and Identification  

2.7.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $100 - $150

2.8. Cooperation

2.8.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $500)

2.9. Learning

2.9.1. Restitution

2.9.2. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $500)

2.10. University Property 

2.10.1. Restitution

2.10.2. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $100-$200

2.10.3. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.11. Disruption      

2.11.1. Fine and /or Conditional Fine $200

2.12. Safety   

2.12.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $1000)

2.12.2. Community & Educational Program

2.12.3. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.13. Harassment   

2.13.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $1000)

2.13.2. Community & Educational Program and/or Written Apology

2.13.3. Restricted Access or Restricted Computing Privileges

2.13.4. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.14. Bodily Harm   

2.14.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine (up to $1000)

2.14.2. Community & Educational Program and/or Written Apology

2.14.3. Restricted Access

2.14.4. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.15. Firearms and Weapons     

2.15.1. Removal of Objects

2.15.2. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $500

2.15.3. Suspension/Expulsion (Major)

2.16. Fire and Life Safety Equipment  

2.16.1. Restitution

2.16.2. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $500

2.16.3. Community & Educational Program

2.17. Guests  

2.17.1. Fine and/or Conditional Fine $75

2.17.2. Restricted Access