Guidelines for the Awarding of Honorary Fellowships

A. Preamble

Established in 1968, Honorary Fellowships of the University are special awards which may be granted by Senate to individuals who have made significant contributions to the life and development of the University. 

The Senate Honours and Awards Committee (“the Committee”) shall receive suggestions for and present to Senate nominations for Honorary Fellows of the University.

B. General

1.    Eligibility and Criteria

1.1.  The award will recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the life and development of the University.  Normally, this will have been achieved through the nominee’s significant involvement with the University.
1.2.  Active members of the faculty, staff, Senate or Board of Governors are not eligible.

C. Procedures

2.   Nominations

2.1. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the Board of Governors may nominate candidates for Honorary Fellow. 
2.2. Nominations will be accepted at any time throughout the year.
2.3. The procedure for the election of honorary fellows shall be the same as for the election of candidates for honorary degrees.

3.   Documentation

The following items shall be included with the nomination:

3.1. Nomination form – available on the University Secretariat website
3.2. Citation or Statement of Nomination – This statement should summarize the nominee’s contributions to the University and the impact such contributions have had on the life and development of the University
3.3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
3.4. Letters of support – a maximum of three letters of support must be submitted from individuals knowledgeable about the nominee’s contributions and related impact

4.  Method of Presentation and Privileges

4.1. Public recognition of the awarding of Honorary Fellow shall be given at a convocation ceremony, to which the recipient shall be invited
4.2. The award shall consist of a diploma suitably inscribed and a citation which is to be read at the convocation ceremony at which the award is presented. 
4.3. Normally the award shall not be made in absentia
4.4. Normally, the award shall not be presented at a ceremony at which an honorary degree is conferred.
4.5. The names of Honorary Fellows shall be placed on the permanent University list to receive pertinent University material including invitations to convocation and other special University events.
4.6. Honorary Fellows shall be eligible for all academic processions.
4.7. Honorary Fellows shall have the use of the University Library.

Approval Authority:        Senate Honours and Awards Committee                
Office of Responsibility: University Secretariat
Revision Dates: January 25, 2017
  November 5, 2010
  September 23, 2008
  April 16, 1985
  April 19, 1977
  April 8, 1968 (established)