Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Nominations to Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Nominations to the category of Professor Emeritus/Emerita are made by department or school promotion and tenure committees and are subject to final approval by the college promotion and tenure committee. This category is open only to retired professors of the University of Guelph (at any rank). The title granted will be at the rank at the time of retirement, i.e., Lecturer Professor Emeritus/a, Associate Professor Emeritus/a, Assistant Professor Emeritus/a, Full Professor Emeritus/a. A person employed full-time by the University in any capacity is not eligible.


The prime criterion for nominations will be a sustained and strong contribution to the University of Guelph; such contributions could be in teaching, research or administration. It is hoped that Professors Emeriti will maintain close ties with the University.

The names of Professors Emeriti will be listed in the graduate and undergraduate calendars under the appropriate department or school as long as the association continues. Professors Emeriti will have library privileges equal to those of faculty members, and shall have the right to participate in academic processions of convocation, to attend departmental seminars, to hear outside speakers invited to the University, and to use the mailing address of the University for scholarly purposes. At the discretion of the department chair and the dean, a Professor Emeritus/a may be allowed to apply for internal and external grants. All faculty awarded Professor Emeritus status are eligible to be considered for University Professor Emeritus status.