Orientation Plan

University of Guelph AODA Orientation Plan

The AODA Customer Service Standard, Information and Communication Standard, and Employment Standard require (or will require when passed as law) specific training to be conducted. The University of Guelph has developed a plan to meet and, to a certain degree, integrate the requirements in these standards. 

A series of e-learning modules are being developed in CourseLink to orient University staff, faculty and service providers on the AODA requirements.  The first module, based on the Customer Service Standard and called the Accessible Service Provision Course is already available. This e-learning module is complemented by face-to-face orientation for some service providers, particularly those who provide extensive services to our constituents. 
Employees not scheduled for face-to-face training are enrolled according to the following schedule:

New Employees Hired By:

Online Accessible Service Provision Course Available By:

January 10

February 1

May 10

June 1

September 10

October 2


Employees hired for a period of less than one month per year are required to review the Accessible Service Provision pamphlet. For further information about the Accessible Service Provision training contact the HREO at ext. 53000.

E-learning modules based on the draft Information and Communication Standard and draft Employment Standard are currently in production.  Participation in these modules will be based on an individual’s role within the University.  For example, web designers will take the web accessibility module, faculty will take the accessible teaching module, and employees will take the employment module.  

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