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Living the James Herriot Lifestyle: Part 1 of a 3-part blog series following a student veterinarian through her Alliance-supported externship

"You really do see anything and everything, and so must quickly become confident treating all the possible problems of many species - small animals, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs; perhaps also birds, small mammals, and reptiles; and maybe even alpacas, camels, and any other animals people might choose to own. This variety, combined with the fact that you are often alone on farm calls and have access to limited equipment and medicines, means it takes an adaptable and capable person to succeed in this career path."

Student veterinarians get hands-on training thanks to Veterinary Capacity Program funding

Hear from a veterinarian who chose the rural community practice (mixed) stream for her 2021 externship, allowing her to work with both small and large animals.

The Veterinary Capacity Program provides annual funding to OVC to help prepare veterinary graduates with an emphasis on animal agriculture, emergency preparedness, food security and animal-related public health.

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Dr. Marialisa Laurella stands in her clinic while looking through a microscope. An icon banner at the bottom says Ontario Agri-Food Innovation research, 2020-21 agri-food yearbook.

Small-town clinic offers big-time experiences

Leaving the city behind to start your career in small-town northern Ontario might seem like a path less travelled. But for Dr. Marialisa Laurella — a 2011 Ontario Veterinary College graduate — the North is exactly where she wanted to be.

She says the decision to move north was driven by the opportunity to hone her skills while tackling a wide range of challenging small- and large-animal cases.

Veterinary student wearing blue coveralls and a stethoscope around his neck placing his hand on the back of a dairy cow’s head. The accompanying text reads Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance 2019-20 Annual Report. "15 D.V.Sc. students trained: VCP supports doctor of veterinary science students engaged in OMAFRA priorities." Read the stories #BehindtheNumbers at

#BehindtheNumbers: VCP program builds rural and agricultural veterinary capacity in Ontario

The Alliance provides funding to the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College through the Veterinary Capacity Program (VCP). The VCP ensures an ongoing supply of rural and agricultural veterinarians who can support farming communities and monitor the health of animals in the food chain, as well as veterinarians with the skills and expertise to serve on the front line of disease surveillance.

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