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View of a farm landscape, where most of the ground is green and lush with plants. There are strips of brown soil visible between rows.

U of G researcher develops soil health test that could save time, money

In this Alliance-funded research, Dr. Adam Gillespie and team developed a tool that creates a soil "fingerprint" using infrared spectroscopy.

The technology could replace traditional time-consuming and costly methods that involve extracting samples and sending them to a lab to be analyzed.

The tool is being tested on research farms. The fingerprint also provides database-informed, regional-specific soil management recommendations for producers.

New growth: Hands holding soil that is sprouting a seedling.

Projects funded by the Alliance in 2020

Research funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance solves real-world challenges and yields meaningful innovations that contribute to the success of the province’s agri-food sector and promote rural economic development throughout Ontario. See the list of projects that were approved in 2020 for Alliance programs.

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