Showcasing the success of Partnership programs and research

Dr. Tongzhe Li, new Arrell Family Chair at U of G, to focus on "people side" of agri-economics

The professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics within the Ontario Agricultural College brings together economics and human behaviour through projects ranging from farmer incentive programs to agri-food employee retention to vertical farming, Li said her work helps improve decision making by governments, non-governmental organizations and producer groups. 

Dr. Bonnie Mallard and PhD student Shannon Cartwright are breeding climate-resilient cattle

Research at the Ontario Dairy Research Centre suggests cows with a naturally higher immune response also have a higher tolerance for increased temperatures, meaning that this research may allow dairy producers to breed cattle that better withstand heat stress. The researchers used Mallard’s High Immune Response (HIR™) technology to determine which cows had high, average or low immune responses.

Read or download the article from Dairy at Guelph.

Data science: protecting water on agricultural land

In this research funded in part by the Alliance, Dr. Wanhong Yang, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Guelph, created a GIS modelling tool that addresses the complexity of a typical watershed evaluation for beneficial management practices (BMPs), along with a user-friendly system developed for creating BMP scenarios and evaluating their effects and outcomes. 

U of G researchers investigate the effects of postpartum health on estrus detection by activity monitors

Like people using fitness trackers, more and more dairy farmers are using automated activity monitors as an important part of herd reproductive management. Dr. Stephen LeBlanc, a professor at the Ontario Veterinary College, and PhD candidate and Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) doctoral scholar Tony Bruinjé studied more than 1,300 cows in two commercial dairy herds to investigate the link between a cow’s post-partum health and the likelihood of detecting estrus by activity monitors for first breeding.

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