Showcasing the success of Partnership programs and research

Bio-based materials and ingredients displayed on a table.

Scientists one step closer to a sustainable bale wrap

University of Guelph researchers have reached the “holy bale” in their quest to create a biodegradable alternative to about 3,500 tonnes of petroleum-based plastic hay bale and silage wrap used in Ontario each year.

U of G Project Aims to Curb Greenhouse Light Leaks

Alliance-funded researcher Dr. William Lubitz, a professor in the School of Engineering, is leading a pioneering drone project intended to help curb light leaks from commercial greenhouses, ensuring optimum plant yields for the province’s ever-growing vegetable and flower production.

Wes Chase and Dr. Marcia Chiasson standing behind a filled aquaculture tank. Chase is holding a net and Chiasson is holding a fishing net with a pole with multiple fish inside. An icon banner at the bottom that says, Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance Research, 2020-21 Agri-Food Yearbook.

New collaborative streams for aquaculture research

For more than two decades, the Ontario Aquaculture Research Centre in Alma, Ont., has been a vital resource for research conducted by faculty at the University of Guelph and by experts in the Ontario aquaculture industry. Today, the centre supports the province’s rainbow trout aquaculture industry with new studies, and it’s seeking ways to diversify Ontario’s fish offerings so consumers have more variety.

“We are actively looking for new collaborations and new research ideas,” says manager Dr. Marcia Chiasson. “We’re open for business.”

A customer scanning a food item at an automated check-out, an icon banner at the bottom that says Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance Research, 2020/21 Agri-Food Yearbook

Say hello to more automated shopping

Technological advancements in shopping systems, particularly automated shopping, have shown value during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Simon Somogyi, a professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, has looked at consumer behaviour patterns in grocery stores and how technological advancements can limit contact between shoppers. 

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